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Thursday, 01 November 2012 09:00

Newly Established Presidential Regulation Gives Privilege to Papuan Businessmen Featured

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Another new Special Regulation for Papua and West Papua Provinces has been established. The Presidential Regulation No. 84/2012 was issued at 17 of October 2012 and it regulates the Government Procurement to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

According to UP4B Spokesperson Mr. Amiruddin, the Presidential Regulation confirmed that for the Government procurement of goods and services worth Rp. 500 millions in the coastal areas, and Rp. 1 Billion in highland areas in Papua/West Papua can be done through direct appointment (without any bidding process) to the local Papuan businessman.

“The establishment of this Presidential Regulation shows a great attention from the President to the Papuan people, and great support to their local economic endeavors, as this regulation gives a bigger opportunity for Native Papuan to enter global business and the world of productive economy.” The spokesperson told Jurnas reporter last Thursday 1/11.

He further said that the mechanism of the direct appointment for Government Procurement, as stipulated in the Presidential Regulation, is conducted by Unit Layanan Pengadaan (Procurement Unit) or a procurement official, and can only be granted to qualified local businessmen. In case of no local Papuan businessman is capable of fulfilling the qualification for direct appointment, the Government should launch public tenders. In this case, the bid may be participated by businessmen coming from other provinces, on condition that the bidders should partner up with local Papuan business with whom an MoU would have to be set up. Same condition applied to a procurement of services or construction worth up to Rp. 5 billions.

For the procurement worth more than Rp. 5 billions, tenders must be open for public, prioritizing participants cooperating with local businessmen.

Presidential regulation No. 84/2012 mark the intention from the Government to give in regards to the Perpres No. 54 on Government Procurement, a special exclusion for the Papuan Businessman. The establishment of this Presidential Regulation is a concrete result of dialogues that has been carrying out by UP4B with Papuan people and other stakeholders who actually intend to accelerate the development in Papua and West Papua provinces and improve the prosperity of all Papuan people.

For Indonesian version of Presidential Regulation No. 84/2012, please click here. (Rina - Media Center UP4B).

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